Frequently Asked Questions

Why are our prices so LOW?
Because we still consider ourselves the new crew on the lake!
Founded in 2020 (yeah, what a year we chose to kick things off)! 
We're focused on building our reputation
and providing amazing experiences.
Most of all...we just wanna get on the water!

*Prices do not include applicable taxes/fees which are
calculated at time of checkout.

Boat Specifications?
2020 & 2021 - Bentley Elites 
Blue Tooth Speakers, Illuminated LED Swim Lights,
Ample Storage, Teak Flooring, 
Bimini Top, Suzuki Engine

Same Day Reservations?
Absolutely! Please give us a call!
We'll see what we can make happen if we're not out there already!
Can guests bring   "Adult Beverages?"
Of course! Please though, no glass containers
or red wine.

And as always, consume in moderation!
Can guests    bring FOOD?
Yep, we recommend you keep it simple
(sandwiches, popcorn, fruits). 

No tables on board and because
of occasional wind gusts,

plates & napkins will go flying.

How do Tips for the Captain work?
As with many service provided professions
it's customary to Tip your Captain

anywhere between 15% - 20% if y'all
had yourselves a good time.

Cash, Venmo or we can
Pre-Charge your credit card to avoid the hassle. 

Can the boats be rented without a Captain?
Unfortunately at this time No.
Can we rent for longer than 4 hours?
Of course! Give us a call and we'll work something out! 
You can rent all day if you'd like!

Can we pull wakeboards or provide tube rides?
Unfortunately at this time No.

Can we take our guests to the various restaurants on Lake Austin?
Absolutely! We might even join y'all for a hotdog!
Can our guests be picked up at other locations?
Yep, if you're renting a house on the lake
or would like to schedule a different location
please feel free to coordinate with us in advance. 
If we can swing it, we will!

Got an extra Question? 
Call, Text or Email
512-808-8486   ⎮