El capitáns


 Captain Luke, US Coast Guard Certified, has well over three decades of boating/hospitality experience.
 Having traveled the world and lived throughout the US, Captain Luke is proud to call Austin,Texas home!
"My ex took the house, fancy dinnerware
and my truck...but the she didn't take
my boats or sense of adventure!"
"Pontoon like a
champion today!"

Captain Miguel, US Coast Guard Certified, is originally from Puerto Rico. As a child Miguel was an understudy of Ricky Martin and the popular boy-bad Menudo. After graduating from The University of Oklahoma Miguel worked in the Miami movie industry. After an estranged love relationship with Gloria Estephan he joined the US Coast Guard where he was based out of fabulous Beaumont, Texas. 
Now in Austin, Miguel is happier than ever and loves driving pontoons as much as he loves driving the ladies crazy!
"Livin la vida loca...but only
after the safety speech!"

Miguel Pic.jpg

Captain Jaker, Texas State Water Ways Certified
hails from Lake Tahoe and the notorious nephew of Captain Luke.

While not driving pontoons one can find Jaker behind the turn tables where he goes by the name Velvet Elvis. 
His laissez faire philosophy carries over onto his pontoon captaining where the boat is literally yours for the day so long as Jaker is at the helm.
"I'm loony for pontoony!"
Jaker is also a big snacker...just sayin'...so bring mas.